7 Jul 2011


Do you know about deforestation? it is the world's biggest problems. More than half of all the great rain forests in the world is dry dusty patch of land, a large farm land. Society complains about global warming and comprehensive in the ozone layer but no one seems to know, or want to know for that matter, the only preventable cause is deforestation.

 Look at following picture. Imagine yourself as a tree which has been cut. 

  1.  Imagine you are a part of a big orchard with lot of tree around. How do feel being cut?                        If I am part of a large garden with plenty of trees around the cut must feel very frustrated and disappointed, I is a valuable asset to the future generations and the flora and fauna. This activity will result in damage to the environment very badly in the future.
  2.   What will happen to all the animals which were talking shelter on you?                                                                               Things happen to all the animals took refuge in me is all these animal habitats no longer have a place again. therefore, most of these animals would have died and will eventually become extinct. if the animals become extinct, future generations would not know the species of animal.
  3.    What would be the surroundings like after you are cut?                                                                                                                          Things will happen to the environment after I cut was the destruction of natural habitat for flora and fauna. Deforestation means the loss of valuable materials. Forest is a rich source of plant medicines or cures for various diseases to all. This also causes the protected land is exposed to various natural disasters. This is due to the forest can no longer function as water catchment area. When heavy rains hit the area, which decreased the water continue to erode the bare earth surface and ultimately erosion of these lands into the rivers. It can see, for example, in a landslide.
  4. What change will take place in the environment after you are cut?                                                                                                      The changes will occur in the environment after I cut always the opportunity to increase the volume of oxygen in the air will be reduced. Percent of carbon dioxide is in the air will continue to increase. This will cause an increase in global temperatures. When this situation occurs, the total volume of the oceans will increase as a result of ice melt at the North Pole and South Pole. For example, the phenomenon of global warming caused by felling or reduction of activity of broad areas of the world's forests. As a consequence of this phenomenon, the greenhouse effect has occurred.
  5.   Message you would like to give to people who are cutting down trees.                                                                                                 This message is given to the society want to chop down trees as bring awareness to humanity of the importance of maintaining heritage .This environment continues to suffer from extinction. We generator should be an awareness campaign about the importance of maintaining these animals in a big way and punish poachers with heavy penalties to prevent these crimes from continuing to be felt.
  6.  What do you think the use of technology in reducing and minimizing  the problem?                                                        In my opinion the use of technology in reducing and minimizing the problem are very effective use of modern technologies to reduce environmental pollution is very important. For example, without modern technology, it is not possible to clean up oil spills at sea. With modern technology, solid waste such as old newspapers, old magazines, paper, cloth, plastic and glass can be recycled. This would reduce the pollution caused by solid waste management is not perfect.Waste materials can be varied agricultural industry to the materials useful and less dangerous. For example, debris can be fuel for producing electricity. Agricultural waste such as oil palm husks can be used to produce methane.                         In addition, with modern technology, air filters have been created and installed in a vehicle exhaust and factory smoke stack industry. The use of unleaded petrol is also a result of the use of modern technology. This will reduce the lead content in the atmosphere of danger to human health.
  7.  In your opinion , blog is able to stimulate environmental awareness among community . Elaborate .            In my opinion, this blog will stimulate environmental awareness among the public because it is a platform for people to express their own opinions nor the views on which they think. Blogs can also play an important role in disseminating information and current issues. Various advantages and disadvantages found through the use of blogs. Among the benefits we see are the blogs can spread quickly and even saving time and costs for all parties. Blogs also provide a wide exposure is not subject to some individuals and even a place but it includes access to the world.