30 Jun 2011


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Students need to learn martial arts to protect themselves.Especially students and youth are encouraged to learn martial arts as a basic preparation for any mishap on themselves. By understanding and learning the martial arts, indirectly increase the sensitivity and more cautious on the environment around them .For example martial arts in this country are as Silat, Taekwondo, Kungfu, Selambam and so on.

Martial arts should be learned by students and adults. By learning the martial arts, it can improve physical and mental endurance as well as in confidence when faced with an alarming situation and endanger the safety of themselves where they are equipped martial arts is able to think calmly and to face the situation wisely.

In addition, to learn martial arts, self-discipline helps trainers and also as a healthy exercise and training bodies can take advantage of better times to fill their time by learning martial arts.

Understanding of some parents who do not allow their children to participate and studying martial arts for fear that their children involved in bullying or symptoms should be erased because the martial arts are very beneficial to their children as a fortress to defend themselves from attack.

Conclusion, parents should understand that every martial arts not only teaches how to defend themselves from attack and hit back, but elements such as ethics, good manners, morality and values ​​are also applied by the master and Sifu who taught to trainees not only skilled in martial arts, but they also know to distinguish between good and which are bad and use what they learn the maximum possible.