6 Aug 2011


Abu Qatadah said that the Prophet once said, "The cat is not unclean. It is like the beasts around the house (animal housing)," [Narrated by At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasa'i, Abu Dawud, and Ibn Majah]. 
  • Pets I was black, black cat who is very understanding to my feelings as a master. I kept the black since the newborn. Every day I will make sure the black in a healthy and clean. Therefore, protect animals is a very great deeds with Allah, all food provided and consumed by each plant will get a reward. 
  • If we know, attitudes to walk a cat can show the mood of the cat. For example, sometimes we see a cat running full-ibaskan elegance, shaking his tail tip. This attitude reflects that cats love to rejoice with welcoming you. 
Various advantages of keeping cats: -

  1. Compassion to animals, do not ill-treat him, do not doom the movement and life. Animals are creatures of God who wants to live with humans on earth. 
  2. The magnitude of the burden of those who torture animals and hurt him with beatings and murder. As in the earlier traditions, woman go to hell because he is a death of a cat. 
  3. Can confine animals such as cats, birds, etc., if given food and drink. If you can not afford or do not want, then release it and let it go hendakah in Allah's earth spacious to find their own sustenance. 
  4. At Last, people are punished according to his actions in the world. This is based on earlier traditions, women are attacked by a cat in hell with her paw. 
According to research from the western states that the defense of pets such as cats and dogs can get rid of stress at optimum levels and lowers high blood levels.