28 May 2011

Colour And Me

           Diversity makes the color of life in this life journey. Sometimes fullof joy, sometimes filled with tears. favorite color symbolizes thepersonality of a person. For example, I am very fond of the colorpurple color nautral.

                 Purple is a combination of blue and red. Red is power, the focus ofa dynamic and active, while the blue cooling, soothing andluas.Unggu bring a new dynamic to the expansion of activities ofthe blue and red. Red brings practicality to the expansive directedfrom the blue, and allows more creative energy to emerge. For this reason, violet is associated with imagination and inspiration.

With a life filled with suspicion, as slaves to the almighty creatorshould feel gratitude to fill time on the grant. Science should be obtained, studied and understood the seriousness. With theconsent of all its gods will be simplified.
I love Orchid :)

23 May 2011

3R Reduce Reuse Recycle

3R consist of Reduce , Reuse and Recycle .
Reduce (Reduce)
Avoid waste by:
  - Reduce use of disposable products
  - Avoid excess packaging
  - Prevent waste
  - Buy only what is necessary.

Reuse (Reuse)
Reuse items repeatedly to prolong life and avoid buying new products. If possible, use a durable, refillable, repairing damaged materials and others.

Recycle (Recycling)
Collect and separate recyclable items for the purpose of reprocessing or re-create the original goods or items lain. 

The difference between "Reuse" and "Recycle. "

  To reduce waste generation, we can start by adopting the re-use the "Reuse" in everyday life, for example:
a) are using mineral water bottles with drinking water refilling of the other.
b) use the canned biscuits as dry food storage.
c) refill the empty bottles of shampoo, shampoo with a new filling.
d) donated books, furniture and old clothes to people who need more of these items removed.

While the "Recycle" is a process of such materials to form completely or the same raw materials or converting them to another. For example:
a) white paper on the back and made a newspaper or a box
b) tires on the carpet lining the field to make toys.
c) Tetra Pack drink boxes are processed for paper, aluminum, fiber and other products to be made​​, such as stationery.
d) used cooking oils are processed to make bio diesel fuel for use by heavy vehicles.
e) processed food waste to be composted, animal feed, and energysources .

Do you know of 76.340 m3 of waste generated 
day = 9.6 days to meet
KLCC Twin Towers!


Recycling campaign and solid waste reduction recreated in around 1970 an. Community awareness on the rise on solid waste management because realize will the adverse impact not only on environment in fact to their own level of fitness.