1 Jun 2011


Magic, magic of love or affection

Prophet s.a.w:
Meaning: "Allah curse spells, magic talismans amulets and science of love is pleasing." Narrated by Imam Ahmad, Abu Daud, lbnu Majah and al Haakim. Hadith, see Sahih al Albaaniy hadith number 331.
In the book an Nihaayah (1 / 200), Ibn al Athiir rahimahullah has said:
"At Tiwaalah is a kind of magic that apply to add more loving wife to her husband or vice versa. It is included in the pleasing thing as a belief that it focuses only One who is able to react to something that is desirable. The act is totally contrary to God S.WT. Condom "
Form of curse spells mentioned in the above hadith is the curse spells that contain elements of service jinn, demons and the like. It is pleasing forms. Spell spell using Quran verses, prayers and remembrances that are required, it should be used by the majority (consensus) scholars. Found in Sahih Muslim that the Prophet Muhammad said:
Meaning: why do not cuss as long as the spell is not mixed with elements of polytheism. " Narrated by Muslim.

Magic effects
1. Increasing a sense of love and affection of a sudden.
2. Heightened desire for sexual intercourse.
3. Always just a glutton, look forward and not stand to enjoy sexual intercourse.
4. By just whatever the views and demands of their partners.
5. Husband and wife to obey orders blindly.